Press Release - Earth Day 2018 Statement

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Press Release
April 22, 2018

DNA Design Collective Issues Earth Day Statement

From the Desk of Diana Nelson, CEO and Founder, DNA Design Collective

Seal Beach, CA—April 22, 2018—Spring is here and I’m sure like me, you are ready to put those sweaters and boots away: Operation Wardrobe Switch Out. Or you shove the heavier things to the back of the closet and have the challenge of fitting in a wardrobe you haven’t worn for months. Regardless of how organized you are, we all feel a bit overwhelmed putting outfits together each day that we feel great while wearing.

DNA was designed for the woman with a full life and little time for the old way of shopping. I’m a working mother with two businesses. I love clothes, obviously, if both my companies are in the industry. Even with my long love affair with clothes, I don’t have time to shop and try things on to see if they fit. Sizing is confusing and inconsistent from brand to brand. How can I even consider reorganizing my wardrobe with the little time I have?

Here’s what I’m currently doing with my own wardrobe:

  • Posting clothes that don’t fit me or that I haven’t worn in 2yrs on thrifting or resale sites, such as Poshmark. Even the most technology challenged people can figure these apps out. This is my fun money for my wardrobe. Anything I can’t sell on a thrifting site, I drop off at Goodwill… hello tax credit.
  • Make a list of basics that are missing from my closet that I would get a lot of wear out of, like:
    • Comfortable pants that fit, which I can dress up or down
    • “Little Black Dress” with sleeves and without sleeves that accentuates my best features
    • Great fitting Blazer or Jacket
    • Skirt with adjustable waist (I prefer skirts in spring/summer in place of shorts)

*NOTE: Keep this list on your phone so when you are shopping you can keep your wardrobe needs at hand.

These two tips can make a difference in the way you see your closet. We just need to simplify.

Only 20% of the clothes in the average person’s closet are worn on a regular basis, according to the chief design officer for California Closets.

Unfortunately, nearly all women struggle with this… myself included. But it is a waste.

The best thing we all can do for the environment is getting away wasteful closet clutter and from fast fashion. So, in honor of Earth Day, here are a few ideals I try to stick to:

  • Buy local if possible, to support your community or country
  • Buy quality so you appreciate it longer and so can the person who buys it off Poshmark or other resale services from you.
  • Buy ethically responsibly made products. No one’s life is worth a cheap top that you wear once.

I created DNA Design Collective with these ideas in mind:

Simplicity, locally made, and ethically responsible partnerships.

So, with spring in the air, bite the bullet, spring clean that closet and fill it with DNA, your DNA!


Diana Nelson

Founder/CEO, DNA Design Collective


About the Company

DNA Design Collective is an affordable-luxury, mid-size contemporary women’s clothing brand made for you. With fit, quality, fashion and sustainability in mind, DNA makes wardrobe pieces for women sizes 10-20. Everything from initial design sketching to final production, warehousing and shipping is done in Southern California.


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