The 7 Reasons You Hate Your Wardrobe… And How to Fix It

We’ve all been there. Fresh from the shower, coffee mug in hand and a blank stare on your face as you peer into your closet.

We’ve all spent hundreds, thousands of dollars on clothes we thought would be permanent fixtures in our wardrobe. Of course, most items you see in that closet don’t appeal to you at all anymore.

There’s a reason why that is… seven of them to be exact:

#1: Out of Fashion

Clothes, unfortunately, go in and out of style at breakneck speed. So, when you shop for clothes, you might as well be betting on penny stocks.

#2: Doesn’t Fit

For whatever reason, clothes seem to change shape magically between a dressing room and a closet. And if not then, they most definitely will change size between one season to the next.

#3: Coming Apart

It doesn’t matter if you spend $40 or $400 on a top, there’s a good chance it won’t hold up. With designers sprinting toward pushing out new product, quality often suffers.

#4: Nothing Matches

Having an amazing new top can be exciting. But having nothing to wear it with can make you feel the exact opposite.

#5: Can’t Wear All Day

Even if you find an outfit that looks good and fits well, it might not suit you all day. Whether it becomes uncomfortable after a few hours or it isn’t appropriate for all the activities you have planned for that day, you have to put it aside.

#6: Wrong Temperature

Unless you live in a temperature-controlled bio-dome, you will probably need to add or take off layers throughout the day. Unfortunately, many outfits make that tough.

#7: Just Plain Sick of It

After a while, even your favorite pieces can seem too old for you. If there’s no excitement to your wardrobe, it can be just as bad as one that doesn’t have clothes that fit.

But there are solutions to all of these problems…

Invest in Your Wardrobe

When you buy a car or move into a new place, you are making an investment. You are committing to spend hours, days, weeks and even years in them. How is your wardrobe any different?

Just because something seems like a great new fashion, it doesn’t mean it will stay in fashion. So, throw out the idea of participating in the “fast fashion” trends.

If your clothes don’t fit or remain comfortable throughout the day, they probably weren’t made well. Quality counts in the long term, and that’s what you want to keep in mind when building a wardrobe.

Smart Wardrobe Management

When building a wardrobe, make sure you can match new pieces with others you already have. Just because it looks good on a rack by itself doesn’t mean you’ll want to wear it with anything else you have.

We all need to layer some times. It doesn’t matter if you are in New England or Southern California, temperatures and weather fluctuates. Make sure you have pieces that you can put on or take off without losing your style.

When building a wardrobe, don’t be afraid to accessorize or add a piece here or there to keep your wardrobe fresh. Pick out additions to accentuate the parts of your wardrobe you love… not just because it looks nice on its own.

Shop Smart

Most of all, don’t spend a fortune. You don’t need to be wealthy to look great. Find brands that develop for you… both in style and budget. Affordable luxury is possible.

At DNA Design Collective, we do just that. We develop fit, quality, excitement and flexibility into each piece of clothing, each outfit and each additional design we come up with.

Our clothes work together to help you build a wardrobe to love… one that will bring a smile to your face as you sip your morning coffee.

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