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Forgotten Cusp of Sizes

The average woman in America is “plus sized.” But only just… Sixty-seven percent of US women are a size 14 or higher, typically defined as “plus-sized.” Yet, the average of all US women is a size 16. So here’s a question: why do “straight” fashion lines end at size 10 or 12 and “plus-size” start at 14-16? You know how this works, right? For the average clothing company, they create a pattern somewhere in the middle of their size range. They perfect the fit on that one size. And then they do the math to “attempt” to fit it on all the other sizes they offer. There are two huge problems with that. And it doesn’t take a veteran fit...

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Retail Disruptors: Women Are Changing How they Shop

The fashion industry is nothing if not an epicenter for trends. We’ve all heard of the huge shifts at both extremes: fast fashion and sustainability. We all want sexy or sporty new pieces in our wardrobe. And most of us want those pieces to be ethically and sustainably made. But there is another trend that intersects both of these ideas: thrifting. Thrift shopping is on the rise. And not just a slight increase. According to threadUp’s 6th Annual Resale Report recently published, 40% of closets will be made up of clothes purchased used by 2022. And this segment is growing faster than any other, a whopping 49% annually. threadUp is one of the largest clothing resale destinations. But it isn’t the...

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Pounding the Pavement in Startup Life

Three clever tech geeks get together in one of their parents’ garages to create a startup company. They prototype a brand-new product that changes the world forever. That’s the story of Apple… and it’s been told a million times over. When you hear success stories about innovation and entrepreneurship, they all sound simultaneously inspiring and simple. The truth is that 99 out of 100 startup stories aren’t either. They take time, tons of effort and pounding the pavement. We’re no Apple… yet. But we are in our startup phase. And while we aren’t introducing a new type of personal computer, we do hope to touch a great number of lives by changing the way they look at and feel about...

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