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5 Essential Spring “Seasonal Shift” Pieces

Spring is here! We know, not many feel like that could be true. For our East Coast sisters, it probably won’t be for a few more weeks. But you also know that when it does come, it’ll come all at once. So, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the big “seasonal shift” we all must make to our wardrobes. You know what we mean: switching out those cardigans for some mid-sleeve tops. Dusting off those little black skirts… the ones that don’t look quite right with winter leggings. Adding in some color to your outfit by way of a favorite patterned top or dress. For many, this “seasonal shift” gives us a great excuse to go an...

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5 Essential Pieces for Any Wardrobe

Wardrobes are like gardens. They need essential nutrients. And without working at them, they can become overgrown with weeds. But if you give them the right amount of attention, they can look beautiful. Of course, few of us have the kind of time and attention to let ours blossom in the way we’d like. Fortunately, there are techniques to get the most out of your wardrobe without spending every waking moment (or penny) on them. Capsule dressing is becoming a much more common term these days. And for good reason. By definition, it simply means to build your wardrobe with only the pieces you most love to wear and feel are essential to your “uniform.” Everyone has different preferences on...

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