Quality Clothing Born In Our Community

Every garment ever made started out as a roll of fabric. So, it’s frustrating to see so many companies ignoring this all-important aspect of their own industry. Quality fabric makes a quality wardrobe.

How many clothes do you own just not feel right after you washed them a few times? Worse, how many don’t look right after a few washes?

Poor quality fabric stretches out, becomes discolored and even frays.  And who wants to spend the money on clothes that just don’t last more than a few times wearing them? Well, we all have… and have all been disappointed.

But there is a way to avoid this problem… simply demanding higher quality in your clothing.

Ok, maybe not so simple. But, at least, you can feel reassured that one brand’s clothing is made of superior quality… ours.

Just this week, our design team went hunting for fabrics we want to use in future seasons. So, let us give you a little behind-the-scenes look at what we’re doing differently on this front.

We mill our material here in Southern California. This might not seem like much, but consider how many others make clothing.

They get sample fabric in from some textile mill in some distant country. Consider it and approve it. Often, the designer’s job is done at that point.

From there, many other companies will simply buy the yardage they need from the mill and have them ship it out to their production arm, again in some distant place outside of the reach of the designer, pattern maker, technical designer and everyone else.

It’s a very expensive “hope-and-pray” system. Although, as we all know, that might be a strong term for what they actually do. They simply aren’t invested in making sure their quality is up to par at ALL stages in their process.

Here at DNA we do something different. Our mill is here in LA. We have a strong relationship with the team that create the wonderful fabrics we use to produce our clothes.

We continually tour their facilities, touch and feel our fabrics and insure what you wear is up to our tough standards.

This team we work with knows their business. They’ve been around for 27 years and have certainly made their name providing consistency and quality. Their team feels like a family — a quality our collective demands from any partners with which we do business.

We work with them and their dye house to make sure we get the right color each and every time.

We put in all of this extra effort to provide our customers with security that their clothes won’t end up buried in the back of their closets. We use only high-quality fabric. And most importantly, we make no low-quality garments, and this is one of the most important steps to keep that promise.

So, when you next want to order a new dress or stop by a sales rack and find a great-looking top, be sure to ask yourself, “Where did this come from?”

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