Made to Fit: Using Old-School Techniques with Brand-New Technology

For millennia, tailors made clothes to specifically fit the people that would wear them. Then came the Industrial Revolution…

Along with urbanization and production centers came “ready-to-wear” apparel. Sure, it was good for the world overall. More people could be affordably clothed. And less people now suffered through freezing winters without warm clothing.

But this rise of “ready-to-wear” also brought us to where we’re at today: a consumer society that’s less conscious of how clothes should truly fit.

How to do “Fit” Better

At DNA Design Collective, we view fit to be just as important as fashion. Our collective’s founder, Diana Nelson, is herself a seasoned fit expert, with more than two decades of experience at some of the largest and most fit-conscious companies in the industry.

So, when she decided to start her own company and put her team together, that’s where she started — experienced fit experts.

The process in which we design, cut, trim and produce our clothing is a bit different than most companies out there. For instance, every size we offer is fit on real human beings before production. That should be common sense. But it isn’t. Consider the average company.

They usually employ a full-time fit model, usually a size 4 or 6. They fit each piece on their model and simply grade up or down the scale to produce different sizes. Each company’s grading system is slightly different, which is why you might be a size 12 in one brand and size 14 or 16 in another. It’s also why many brands just don’t do “fit” well anymore.

Not so with us. Our focus on fit doesn’t stop with just intensive fittings and hands-on efforts. We also see ourselves as technology leaders compared to the vast majority of apparel companies…

At DNA Design Collective, we pride ourselves in taking in new ideas to build on our expertise. So, we are partnering with technology to help us engineer our fit. Here’s what that means.

Partnering in Breakthrough Fit Technology

If you’ve ever taken a home-economics class, you know that you can’t make any article of clothing without a pattern. They are the most useful tool in an apparel company’s toolbox to get fit right. But that doesn’t mean that they are easy to produce or do well.

We pride ourselves in how much effort we put in to getting our patterns perfect. But to insure we continue to make progress on this part of our business, we are beginning a partnership with the groundbreaking software firm Tukatech.

What they do is remarkable. They digitize patterns to such a high degree that you can make the tiniest tweak and see exactly how to improve where a sleeve falls on an arm or how an extra panel can give more form to a top.

We urge you to check out their site, here. The advances they have made to this process are extraordinary.

This is just one of many ideas we’re working on integrating into our fit process. All are intended to help us produce high-quality products you won’t find anywhere else.

So, when you think of how painful it is to find well-fitting clothing, please think of turning to what we offer. We are building this collective for you, after all.

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