5 Essential Spring “Seasonal Shift” Pieces


Spring is here! We know, not many feel like that could be true. For our East Coast sisters, it probably won’t be for a few more weeks. But you also know that when it does come, it’ll come all at once.

So, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the big “seasonal shift” we all must make to our wardrobes. You know what we mean: switching out those cardigans for some mid-sleeve tops. Dusting off those little black skirts… the ones that don’t look quite right with winter leggings. Adding in some color to your outfit by way of a favorite patterned top or dress.

For many, this “seasonal shift” gives us a great excuse to go an a bit of shopping spree. No matter if you are in college and can only afford a few small pieces or are a working mother looking to build in some confidence at the workplace, you know what we mean.

But before you do, take a moment or two to think about how you want to go about it.

A few weeks ago, we wrote about capsule dressing and the 5 essential black pieces all women should have. That list is year-round and applies to this seasonal shift as well. But spring gives us a few more must-haves to build into our uniform.

So, here are the 5 essential springtime pieces all women must have:

The White Camisole Top

The White Camisole Top

This is a bread-and-butter piece we all need to begin with. But even this most simple of pieces is no walk in the park.

You see, even a tank top can come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on what you layer over it, one might not work as well as another.

Have a bright, new button-up blouse you are just dying to wear on the first warmish day of spring? Well, if it shows too much cleavage, a deep V-neck cami won’t help a bit.

That’s why, no matter what pieces you have waiting to wear over top, you need to have a camisole that goes across the chest to keep everything tucked right where it should be.

Fortunately, these are probably the most abundant “essential” pieces to find. Check out Lane Bryant’s white tank, here…

They even call it their “Essential Cotton Cami.”

The Back-Fat Smoothing Bra

The Back-Fat Smoothing Bra

One issue women of all sizes, but especially those over a size 8, have is not whether they can find a bra that fits. It’s just as important to find one that flatters.

All women should have a few bras or brands of bras that they know will fit just right and won’t pinch them all day long. But every woman should also have ones that smooth that back fat when wearing the thinner fabrics of spring.

They don’t have to be mutually exclusive either.

In winter, we wear what is both warm and comfortable. But those are usually made of thicker materials like wools or knits. So, any back fat your bras highlight isn’t really noticeable. But spring is different.

We break out the cottons and thinner fabrics. We want to be comfortable and not too warm. However, those fabrics often accentuate what bras do to our back fat.

They don’t have to. There are a number of great back-fat-smoothing styles out there. One great example is the Shapeez “Shortee,” here…

The “Go-to” Solid-Colored Midi Skirt

The “Go-to” Solid-Colored Midi Skirt

Who doesn’t like to peak into your closet on a sunny spring day wondering what you’re going to wear and find that simple, yet elegant go-to skirt? It goes with just about every top you own, will be comfortable as the temperature rises throughout the afternoon and looks both professional and fun.

This is the secret of the midi skirt. You can go for patterned ones, which are great in their own right. But to truly mark an essential piece, it must go with the maximum number of other pieces you own.

One great example is Marina Rinaldi’s “Floaty Stretch Skirt.” It comes in both navy blue and black. You can find that here…

Patterned Sleeveless Dress

Patterned Sleeveless Dress

For those bright and sunny spring days, what’s better than a dress that matches the weather?

Winter is for those dark solid colors and black shoes. But spring… that’s for something a bit exciting to go with those sexy new red high heels or those yellow slip ons.

Everyone has their own style, when it comes to patterned pieces. Some really love a nice floral print. Others gag when they think about those.

Whatever your style is, this is a piece every spring closet needs to have. For us, you can’t beat this super spring dress from Lane Bryant: “Floral Lace Fit & Flare Dress.”

The Essential Solid-Colored Dress

The Essential Solid-Colored Dress

Spring can be sunny. But it isn’t always. And we aren’t always in the mood for a light, fun pattern. “April showers bring May flowers,” as the saying goes.

When you just aren’t looking for a flower dress, but you still want to show off in the springtime, that’s where this next piece comes in.

Of course, spring isn’t summer. So those overcast days don’t always reach sleeveless temperatures. That’s why this piece needs to have some coverage.

Enter the “Aphrodite” dress…

This is a DNA original. While it works great year round, it is especially spring and fall friendly.

With its silky smooth Rayon fabric, it breathes but won’t leave you chill. And its full-length sleeves provide you the coverage that won’t give you goosebumps throughout the day.

With a now-wider range of colors to choose from, you can still enjoy the stylish change-up from drab winter wear.

Three Blues

You can find all four colors in your size at our shop here…

These five pieces are all must-haves for any spring closet. So, when the inevitable “seasonal shift shopping spree” urge hits you, start here.

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