5 Essential Pieces for Any Wardrobe

Wardrobes are like gardens. They need essential nutrients. And without working at them, they can become overgrown with weeds. But if you give them the right amount of attention, they can look beautiful.

Of course, few of us have the kind of time and attention to let ours blossom in the way we’d like.

Fortunately, there are techniques to get the most out of your wardrobe without spending every waking moment (or penny) on them.

Capsule dressing is becoming a much more common term these days. And for good reason. By definition, it simply means to build your wardrobe with only the pieces you most love to wear and feel are essential to your “uniform.”

Everyone has different preferences on how many pieces they want in their capsule arsenal. But all who have made this move agree that there are essentials that must be included.

Here are the five most essential pieces to any wardrobe: 

1.Versatile Black Pants

Elpis pant     Elips 2

Whether you work in an office or at home, attend school or are a stay at home mom, you likely know the importance of finding comfortable, yet stylish pants. Black, of course, goes with the most tops. So, having black pants you could wear every day in your wardrobe is a no brainer.

That is often easier said than done, however.


Oftentimes, we end up buying several black pants that are only

slightly different from one another. That’s a problem when you are trying to slim down your wardrobe.

We buy dress slacks, pants for work, pants for the weekend and pants for dates. But why do they have to be all different ones? With the right material, design and fit, they don’t have to be.

Here at DNA Design Collective, we’ve come up with the perfect essential black pant: the Elpis.

Made with our custom Ponte de Roma Knit fabric, they can dress up or down to whatever the occasion. And they feel as comfortable as yoga pants. They are constructed to make you feel protected and slim. They also go with just about any shoe you own. 

2. Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress    Little Black Dress2

What kind of wardrobe doesn’t have the all-important “Little Black Dress”? A staple in many women’s arsenal, a sexy yet versatile black dress takes center stage in their uniform.The problem, however, is how dressed up or casual do you want this essential piece to be. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose with the Diana.

Named for our founder, the Diana dress is a perfectly versatile “Little Black Dress.” Also made with our supportive, yet flexible Ponte de Roma Knit fabric, this dress is body-conscious and slimming.

It is designed with comfort and fit in mind. Even after a long day in the office, while wearing the Diana, you won’t even feel like you need to take it off when you get home. It’s that comfy.

3. The Power Blazer

Power Blazer   Blazer 2

No matter if you live in Canada in the wintertime or sunny Southern California in the summer, you’ll need a reliable blazer to dress up any top or dress.

Of course, this too needs to be extra versatile if you are reaching for your goal of fewer clothes in your wardrobe.

We designed the Tyche with that in mind. It features a slimming, two-panel sleeve and a waist that hits that perfect level between comfort and sexy.

Its satin lining gives it the stylish touch to take it from desk to drinks.

Since it is in our black Ponte de Roma Knit fabric, it can be paired up with just about any top you own. And it makes your dresses even more functional. 

4. The Essential Tunic Top

black tunic  Black Tunic 2

Just as you need pants that you can wear every day and every place, you need a go-to top.

Whether you are in the boardroom or living room, you deserve to feel confident and stylish. That’s where the Athena tunic comes in.

It is constructed to be form-fitting and sculpted, yet forgiving enough to remain ultra-comfortable.

Full-length sleeves makes this a year-round top that also slims your arms and gives you all-day confidence.

Of course, this too comes in our black Ponte de Roma Knit fabric to give it just the right touch and support. 

5. Essential Knee-Length Skirt

Skirt  Black Skirt

Sometimes you just want to wear a skirt you know will put you at the center of attention. This too can be a tough piece to get right for a wardrobe. If you go with colors or patterns, you know it will.

likely be more rarely worn. But if you go with a staple black, it can go with everything.

Of course, the main struggle is to find a skirt that doesn’t show off muffin tops or too much leg… but also doesn’t make you look like an aging librarian either.

With all of this in mind, we designed the Bia skirt. Made in our Ponte de Roma Knit fabric, you can be sure it will feel comfortable all day long and look great.

Its yoke-waist detail ensures you’ll find no muffin tops here. And its knee length gives you the perfect skirt for the office or a date.

You can dress it up or down with any top you want, because it just plain goes with everything. And that’s the point of capsule dressing, after all.

Put these five pieces together and you’ll have your cornerstones from which to build your perfect wardrobe. Every woman is different, but that doesn’t mean they should try to get by without their essentials.

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